Adult Education

All adults are responsible for educating all other adults. The goal is for people who have the highest quality information to educate everyone else. The quality of our society is determined by the quality of our ideas that circulate in the minds of the people.

Adult education is the greatest need of this century. Adult education is the most important thing we can concentrate on. Our educational system is backwards. School should be mandatory for adults and optional for children.

The quality of our children is determined by the quality of our adults. We have had the idea that adults are a lost cause and that the only way we can improve the future is to educate children. This approach is not working. Our society needs more free-lance educators. We have to value the most intelligent people of our society and their ability to educate the rest of us.

Innovating the structures for adult education and supporting free-lance educators is one of the best things we can do to improve our economy and every aspect of our social, national and worldwide quality of Life.

Imagine what it would be like to liberate everybody from the death urge. Imagine what it would be like to have a society based upon personal aliveness instead of deathist mentality. 

And what if we had a rational money system that is owned and democratically operated by us, citizens, and related to actual production and consumption rather than the whim of the bankers?

And what if teaching conscious thinking and conscious breathing was as important in the public schools as reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic?

And what if there was a weekly support group for every person on Earth? Crime would disappear.

And what if there was a fire temple in every neighborhood and they were more popular than bars? This actually happened in the days of Ram and Sita, 130,000 years ago and human lifespans were over 5000 years. This is easier to achieve today with indoor plumbing, warm water and fireplaces in homes.

And what if religions actually enlightened people with the Truth about Oneness of Energy, Thought and Form and about Shiva Purana which covers millions of years of human history?

And what if killing and eating animals became as uncommon as Leonardo da Vinci and other great minds predicted?

Our civilization has a way to go, but we can do it if everyone becomes an educator!  

The best information that we have is not being taught as efficiently as it could be. We have to find new ways to teach people.

Here is a simple concept that I have used to create a successful career as a free-lance educator. Ask a friend to gather 5-20 friends into his or her living-room and charge them 15-20 dollars for a 1 to 2-hour seminar. Your friend who organizes the seminar receives half of the money and you as a seminar presenter receive half of the money. If you don`t feel qualified to teach a seminar, all you need to do is to find a good book that contains information that you value, make an outline of the best ideas of the book and present them. During each seminar you can advertise your next seminar. You can find out what people in your seminar would really love to learn. And you can study that topic to prepare yourself to lead the next seminar.

The subjects can be money, cooking, nutrition or fasting, conscious energy breathing, one of the great scriptures of the world, sex, gardening, successful relationships, physical and mental health, writing, affirmations, spiritual purification, exercise, physical immortality, etc. When you are conducting seminars, it is important to have lots of dialogue and lots of fun. Spiritual purification with earth, air, water, fire and mind may be the ultimate curriculum.

No-one gives you permission to do this, you have to act out of your own authority. You don`t need a degree or a certificate, only the interest and courage – the self-confidence to do it.

Another concept is the monthly town meeting.

Another is a weekly support group.

And what about a weekly or monthly neighborhood newsletter?

There are also newspapers, TV, radio, magazines, videos, audios, books and the Internet as well as informal exchanges. Personal contact with real people is best.

But who decides what ideas are the highest quality? Actually, each of us decides. Ideas have to succeed in the free marketplace of ideas. And in the real world, ideas winning the majority`s approval are usually the most successful, if not valuable. So each person with a valuable idea must work and work until our ideas reach enough people to be influential. We all can search perpetually for the best ideas in the Universe.

High quality ideas yield a high quality life. And to have a high quality economy or high quality government, we have to have high quality ideas about these also.

We should have no resistance to the high quality ideas of other people.

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Personal Aliveness

To commit to physical immortality means to believe that tomorrow can be as good as, or better than today and yesterday.

And to be intelligent enough to practice the things that improve the health and aliveness of the body yesterday, today and tomorrow.

If we are healing the emotional mind, our body will be more pleasurable and lighter than it is today in a handful years from now.

But if we don`t do enough spiritual purification practices with earth, air, water, fire, love and mind clearing, our body gets heavier and more difficult to be in, until we die.

Bad diet pollutes the blood which fills our flesh with garbage. Fasting regularly clears all the body systems and allows them to rest and rejuvenate. So does bathing, connected breathing and fire.

We just have to do more cleaning than we do polluting to keep the body more alive each day and a more pleasurable place to be.

This is the common sense of Eternal Life. No one wants to be immortal if the body doesn`t get  lighter.

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Youthing or Aging

We have a choice.

Moses said,”I set before you Life and death, therefore, choose Life”. Moses only had two successful followers that we see in the Bible history – Elijah and Jesus. But the Bible teaches that Moses was resurrected by the angels as Jesus was. Moses had to die because “he struck the rock instead of speaking to it”. This symbolized that he used the power of mind negatively too often. Moses was a victim of his own anger – and of the victim consciousness of his people.

Our Spirit has to rule our mind in Truth, Simplicity and Love.

Jesus said,”If anyone keep my saying, he or she will never see death”. His saying is essentially that death has no power except what we give to it in our own mind.

To have Eternal Life in a practical way we have to do more than believe in Moses and Jesus. We have to practice the principles of Aliveness.

The basic principle is the awareness of the Energy Body which includes the emotional mind.

Then we have to learn how to do enough spiritual purification practices to keep our Energy Body – the rainbow body – clean and balanced with mind, love, earth, air, water and fire.

Olga`s enclosed story doesn`t describe the techniques of spiritual purification this mother and son used to achieve their level of mastery, except for sound and meditation. However, I have a friend from Moscow who says,”When we don`t have access to fire, we practice starvation,” which was her broken English word for fasting.

Olga is a traditional psychiatrist who got sick. She desired to go on a ski trip. A friend made the appointment with this unorthodox healer so she could go with her friends on the trip at a student camp. She doesn`t believe in such healers, but she kept the appointment just because she was tired of being sick and she desired to go on the trip.

This appointment altered her view of reality forever.

There are many techniques of youthing and healing. The basic rite of rejuvenation is called Shiva Kalpa. It is written about in a book called The Secrets of Youthing, by Leonard Orr.

The technique described by Olga in this powerful story is a modern technique – relatively easy. Meditating on this story over and over can alter your view of reality forever. Many techniques of youthing are becoming more common in spiritual communities around the world, including many immortal yogis.

Choosing death and limitation just cheats us of a lot of fun and aliveness. We can have the same relationship to the physical universe that God has.                        

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Zombies and Money

Most people become zombies by age 25, human existence goes down from there. And yet it is amazing how much humans can accomplish in this state – both, good or bad – because of the life energy we were given at birth. This was true for me too. However, I didn`t accomplish all that much before I learned spiritual purification.
And what keeps the human race alive is menstruating young women. Menstruation is involuntary spiritual purification. Earth, air, water and fire are in the blood and menstruation purification purifies the Energy Body. Males are not after sex or the orgasm as they think, but the life energy of menstruating women. Married men live longer, but zombie men cause married women to live shorter.
The only salvation for humans is conscious and voluntary spiritual purification practices. And the good news is that these practices are all pleasurable, in fact they are capable of giving us the most intense pleasure we can bare. Unfortunately, some people are such zombies that they may take several days or weeks of purification before they can feel the benefit. But most people can feel the benefit instantly.
I just finished a 5-day fast on fresh-made juices. I can’t describe how good I feel. And during this fast I felt boundless energy which sometimes doesn’t happen. Sometimes I have a day of intense depression and weakness – being totally non-functional. But even these cleansing days feel rewarding when we understand what we are going through and the benefits to come. I usually fast only one day per week, everyone can learn this.
During this fast I picked up a copy of Scientific American Mind magazine and read a scientific article validating my long-held observations about zombie consciousness. It said that humans loose it in their twenties and become robots – zombies. Just look around you. You can see zombies everywhere, people going through life, struggling with their responsibilities without joy or aliveness, waiting around to die. Most people are dependent employees, human vegetables, almost never having an original creative thought. Most people are victims of the unconscious death urge, apathetic about it and never question it. Most people never question the ides that death is inevitable and beyond their control. As a result they never realize that there is a cure for senility and aging.
People are sold deathist mentality by their parents, their religion and their secular culture. Only zombies and vampires would sell death to their children. Think about it.
I have a close friend who has been experimenting with rebirthing and spiritual purification for many years. He says, “I feel like I have been a zombie my whole life, just now am I beginning to taste feelings of aliveness”.
Habits of thought that last for a long time create a pattern or structure of thought which we sometimes call feelings or emotions. Subsequent thoughts tend to follow these patterns and negative attitudes can become an obsession for us. Thus, victim thoughts and death urge thoughts can control us and even our environment. We can actually create natural disasters of all kinds: earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and wars. We can create man-made disasters by our ignorant use of our mind power. And we can create our personal disasters all by ourselves by the misuse of thought.
Coming out of these dark mental states takes much time and energy on the part of a person and we can even lose the will to try. When we understand the root cause of our own pathology, we will not be disheartened if it takes us more time than we would like to, in order to delete the negative trends of our character.
If we are not working on ourselves constantly, we can acquire more karmic debts to be repaid with interest. Conscious living is a perpetual project and very rewarding.
Therefore, we must be very careful about our attitudes in ourselves and toward others. As soon as we commit ourselves to self-improvement, our brain is activated and more alpha waves predominate in our brains electrical activity to support our healing abilities.
We develop more energy and creativity, and disciplining ourselves to do spiritual purification practices gets easier and easier. Our intuitive ability to help ourselves and others increases. We create spiritual community. Everyone needs support. We all need a weekly support group.
If we don’t make this commitment to self-improvement, the negative patterns produce psychosomatic symptoms that will not respond to physical treatment. And even if we remove the problem surgically, death is the result anyway. And even if we die, we still have to do the inner work.
Self-improvement and spiritual purification have become the great industries of the future. They are the best possible innovations in economics. They have a low environmental impact or even a beneficial impact.

Jesus said, “Fear not those that kill the body only, but fear those who destroy both, body and soul in hell”. These are spiritual vampires – people who rob our life energy and make us feel miserable. Some people are negative and miserable. Some people are negative one moment and positive the next. Some people try to be positive, but underneath they are still zombies. We absorb emotional energy pollution from these people. It is invisible. And most people are already so dense spiritually – so polluted that they don`t feel it and are not aware of it. In this way, most people absorb so much emotional energy pollution, they become zombies. And no one taught us any spiritual practices that can enable us to get rid of this collection of pain, tension and stress which we absorb from family, friends and strangers as we live a “normal” life.
Unconsciously absorbed emotional energy pollution turns us into zombies by our early twenties or even earlier. This months Psychology Today reports that suicide among girls between 10 and 14 has increased 76%. And perhaps it is this emotional energy pollution and death urge that causes natural disasters.
Maybe natural disasters are God`s and nature`s tool of spiritual purification for people who are not willing or intelligent enough to learn spiritual purification voluntarily.
Only spiritual purification can liberate us from zombie states. When we have chosen God and spiritual freedom, all of Life – daily living – tends to liberate us. And this process can be painfully slow.
I spent a few hours with three good longtime friends a few days ago. It totally wiped me out. I became nonfunctional for the rest of the day and gained an inch on my waistline. I spent the rest of the day with the fire and bathing and totally recovered the next day.
Each cycle of misery and purification makes us cleaner, more liberated and more present. Each cycle of spiritual purification gives us more clarity, cleaner Love and enables us to be more present.
We are all climbing out of the mud into spiritual enlightenment and joy, and into our natural Divine glory. Basic practices with earth, air, water and fire can heal us.
Every day of fasting helps.
Every hour of breathing and thinking, while immersed in the bathtub helps – thank God for indoor plumbing and warm water.
Every hour with a fire helps. Fire purification and water purification removes pain and emotional energy pollution from our deep past as well as present, from our Energy Body as well as our physical body.
Hiking – physical movement – also liberates our Energy Body and our physical body from stiffness caused by old memories or recent inputs. We all have to develop a personal exercise system.
Yesterday, I was totally nonfunctional. My body and mind was so heavy, I could not move – I spent most of the day in bed, sleeping, feeling and thinking about what was going on inside of me. It was interesting because I have been feeling great for a long time. I hadn`t had a day like this for maybe a year. I was smart enough to build a nice fire in my fireplace beside my bed so the fire could do its healing work while I was sleeping and just lying there, thinking and feeling.
When I did go for a short walk, every step was an effort, but it brought release. And I did get it together enough to have a fire outside at about 4 pm ,before my evening bath. The outside fire healed more.
Before this, I laid in front of my fireplace inside the house all day. For a few hours I could feel energy releases popping throughout my whole body – it was amazing. The fire does all the work. As pain and old stored painful emotional memories release, it feels ecstatic.
The next day, my body was lighter and worked better than ever. I felt like running and dancing – which I did. Just being with an open flame can heal death urge and all kinds of things.
We live in a society of zombies and spiritual vampires. This is the way it will be until eternal aliveness becomes a practical and popular goal.
The suicide rate in senior citizens doubled in the 1990s. Seniors with college degree are smart enough to realize that when the misery of senility starts, it is just going to get worse until death, so why wait? Without spiritual purification this is a totally logical conclusion.
But spiritual purification puts us into bliss and renews the joy of Life. And when we can get others doing it, the joys of spiritual community supports our aliveness.
If I hadn`t mastered spiritual purification by 1981, I would have joined those suicidal seniors, if not by violence, by heart disease or cancer. I had both of these popular fatal diseases, but spiritual purification healed them. Since then, the value of death has become obsolete. Living can be fun, even if it is challenging from time to time.
Thank God for indoor plumbing and warm water which makes it so convenient for even unconscious people to get some benefit of water purification even though they may not know what they are doing. Our civilization supports our aliveness. Every person who bathes even once per day or even a few days per week lightens the burden of living in a deathist society. Daily baptism works for Christians and non-Christians. Frequent bathing has doubled our lifespans.
The paradox is that our civilization can make total healing, personal mastery, practical immortality, spiritual liberation, practical salvation, the knowledge of God and heaven on earth easier than it has ever been in human history. Or our blind materialism and spiritual ignorance can create hell on earth.
We can persist in zombie consciousness and spiritual vampirism or we can learn the fine arts of spiritual purification with mind, love, earth, air, water and fire and realize our full Divine Human potential.

Why God Allows Chaos in the World
If you would like to make a sword out of any simple plate of iron, you have to heat it until it becomes malleable and then you can strike it in such a way that it takes the desired shape. This is why, God allows so much distressing experiences to mankind. When he is heated to the core and desperately craves for self-realization, it becomes easy for God to grant him transformation to divinity. Everything is God`s plan, only we do not know it out of our ignorance. God is using everything in our civilization: from the automobile to our movies and television; from public schools to politics and government to enlighten us. The competition of many religions for our belief is important. Everything is there to make us THINK. The world situation is such that everyone is heated to the fullest if he works properly without shunning his responsibility. When people realize that their plans are not working and we are limited beings by our failure in different fronts of life, then we surrender to the will of God. And the good news is that spiritual purification practices that heal us, that clean and balance our Energy Body, are very simple and mostly very pleasurable.
People are stuck in this situation of frustration because they are not following divine injunctions willingly. So the nature of the misery we create is forcing us to come to the right path. If you have a herd of goats or cows and you want them to reach some definite destination, you will lead them through your command. But if those goats do not follow your instructions, what will you do? Naturally, you will beat them so that they fall in line. Similarly, the Nature of Life Itself is doing the same thing to us. Life only works perfectly when we have perfect Love and perfect Knowledge. Until then, Life itself or nature pushes us or guides us to the right path or we self-destruct.
All the incarnations of God or great saints say the same thing because all of them are connected with the same God, the source of knowledge. The human incarnation of God in the Bible is known as the Angel of the Lord, in the Koran – Khadir, in the East – Shiva Yogi, and universally, He is known as Babaji – the Ruling Father. They all encourage us to do spiritual practices.
The path of spiritual purification is built into our nature. Physical death is an involuntary purification process for people who do not find eternal Life through voluntary spiritual purification practices with the elements of earth, air, water, fire, mind and loving relationships.
Living with enough spiritual practices in the context of spiritual community can be a rich and rewarding experience. Without this, Life becomes barren and death becomes attractive. The simple practices resurrect the joy of Life continually. We can create Heaven on Earth with people who are willing.
Fire and water practices with good diet, balanced fasting, pleasurable exercise, conscious breathing, raising the quality of my thoughts and good friends always breaks me out of my misery and renews my bliss. When one doesn`t work, the other does. Doing them all together creates a delightful concert of Living. All good practices are scientifically self-validating each time we do them. We have to do them to get the benefit.

Science is Weakening Human Beings
Babaji said that calculators and computers are not allowing human beings to utilize their brain and as a result the human brain is becoming weaker day by day. Physical labor is also getting replaced by those machines and people are not even walking. Some movement of body is required for optimum function of the human body; otherwise it cannot function properly. For, even a small distance is covered by an elevator or an escalator. Man must take care to avoid too much use of science so that they retain the required physical and mental health for their survival in case, suddenly, these products of science get diminished or perished by natural calamity or war.
Our civilization is very fragile. Millions of people in Kentucky just lost their electricity because of an ice storm one night and won`t get it back for at least two weeks. What will you do without your computer, refrigerator, electric heat or water heater for two weeks or maybe for years? If your income is dependent upon your computer, it may disappear.
Some people are off the grid, but without spiritual enlightenment, spiritual practices and spiritual community, what good is that? They are miserable inside and will die anyway.
Millions of people just lost their homes as a result of the manipulations of the Federal Reserve bankers. Then the bankers loan 800 billion dollars to the U.S. Treasury Department to save the banks that took their homes away. While the bankers collect interest on the 800 billion dollars added to the national debt. The people who lost their homes have to pay this amount of money through taxes as well as all other U.S. Citizens. The people are paying the bankers to steal their homes. And guess who owns the banks that were saved by $800 billion bailout? The stock of these banks is owned by the same people who own the Federal Reserve Bank. The bankers are creating billions for themselves and debts for the people. We are their ignorant slaves. They lowered gas prices a little to prevent revolution while we were being fleeced, but watch what will happen in the future.
And yet, no one questions our Federal Reserve Bank owned money system. Money is printed out of nothing and loaned into circulation. We pay interest on it every year. The U.S. Government borrows its entire budget every year because all tax income from citizens and corporations doesn`t even pay the interest on the national debt. The bankers totally control the U.S. Government through the U.S. Senate. They buy and own enough U.S. Senators to totally control us. They tell us we are free to keep us in slavery, but most people are still too stupid to realize the truth. We should never vote for an incumbent senator, unless we absolutely know where they stand on this issue.
We live in a nation of sheep, of zombies who are so ignorant, apathetic and dependent that they can`t even think of a democratic money system that is owned and operated by the people – U.S. Citizens. We have the right to print money and give ourselves a monthly supply based upon GNP to make the money system work in a fair, orderly and intelligent way. We, the workers, have the right to print money and give ourselves a monthly supply in order to make money work as it should, as our servant instead of our master.
As long as the majority of people have their rent paid for the month, food and don`t have to think, they will stay in their little ruts until they die. We will be willingly slaves of the bankers.
We not only have to revitalize politics and economics through participation, we have to do something about our own zombie consciousness in ourselves and in the people around us. The bankers are zombies themselves and rule the rest of the more ignorant zombies – us.
The eternal spiritual purification practices with earth, air, water, fire, mind and love are the answer. This is true from the beginning of time and will be until the end. Time itself is created and measured by the movement of earth, air, water and fire.

The Silver Bullet
Obama says he has no silver bullet to solve our economic woes.
The silver bullet is local money systems. All local, state and national governments can encourage and even sponsor local money systems. Local government can print money.
Local money systems are created by a group of citizens who get together and print their own money. They give everyone an equal supply of the money they print monthly or annually and spend it with each other.
Federal Reserve Notes are loaned into circulation and are totally dependent upon someone borrowing them and going into debt. When this money is spent and leaves the community, financial scarcity returns.
Local money is printed in the community and distributed freely so that money can work in an orderly and intelligent way. Each community can distribute as much as the citizens can spend with each other.
Money distribution is controlled by how it actually works. Money is controlled by the community in a rational way instead of by the greed of a few bankers. Check out and to see two examples of successful local money systems in the United States. There are thousands of local money systems worldwide.
Local money systems are resurrecting prosperity, but not fast enough.
They require your participation. We have to educate people faster.
The Federal Reserve Note money system is designed to keep everyone but the bankers themselves poor, so we have to borrow more money. Why most people die poor is because the system is designed to work this way and these people are too stupid to realize this. In the bankers` money system, most money is created through real estate inflation. It`s time for you to think about this. The Federal Reserve Bank note money system has kept people in scarcity for almost 100 years. We are not getting fair rewards for our work.

How Local Money Works
If we have a monthly income of $1,000.00 as an example, the local money system would give us $10 per month in local money. This is only a 1% increase in our income – our cash flow. It doesn`t seem like much.
However, if there are 1,000 members in the system, this is $10,000 per month that we are exchanging with each other. If we are active enough, we could exchange it once per week or even more often. A local group receives $10,000 more spending power every month and it continues to accumulate. At the end of the year we have an extra $120,000 to spend with each other – over and over again.
At the end of the year, we may have enough local money to spend with each other. This is the question. There are many answers:
1. We can only know by experience.
2. We may desire to double our membership. Then we have twice as much money in circulation.
3. Everyone would like to have more money than they can spend. This can be equally true with local money. Local money doesn`t cause inflation, it prevents inflation. Inflation is caused by scarcity. An abundance of money causes bigger savings or better investments or new creative enterprises. An abundance of money doesn`t automatically cause people to stop working, it may cause people to work more. The scarcity Federal Reserve Money systems cause people to work themselves to death. However, if people are too stupid to realize the truth about money and do something about it, they probably deserve money slavery and death.
4. We can always slow down the distribution to $5 per month or $1 per month or stop until our members learn how to spend their local money.
5. We can voluntarily redistribute our local money – taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Redistribution can also be done by creating new jobs.
6. Local money allows the citizens of each community to control the money system and encourage local business to maintain jobs and create new businesses.
We can burn all our money and start a new system.
The silver bullet is to have a rational money system owned and operated by the people in an intelligent and orderly way.
If a city of a million people gave each citizen only one dollar, it would stimulate the economy with one million dollars.
If a state government gave all citizens of a state only $1 per month. If the population of the state is 10 million people, only $10,000,000 would be a very intelligent economic stimulus program. This ten million dollars per month, 120 million dollars per year might solve all our economic woes. When money is spent over and over, it creates a multiplier effect.
The governments may receive a positive cash flow or profit on the investment in its consumers.
It is obvious that consumers have to have money to spend in order for businesses to prosper.
And what if the Federal Government gave $1 to each citizen per month for a year. This would cost $300 million per month. This is only $3.6 billion per year. This is far less than the $800 billion given to the bankers. And it is much more just and fair.
This is the magic bullet for our economy. We can distribute money to all citizens equally in order to allow money to work in a just and orderly way as it should.
What are you going to do with this information? Sit on it or share it?
How do we get this common sense solution to Obama?
And when he gets it, can he act on it?
Without a ground swell of public support, the bankers may stop him or even assassinate him as they did with J.F.Kennedy. Kennedy was assassinated after he printed $6 billion in National Notes to compete with Federal Reserve notes. He threatened the power and profits of the bankers.
Therefore, Obama can do nothing unless we educate our friends and neighbors and create local money systems.
Our financial and economic future is in our hands. If each of us invests our own money to make 100 copies of this essay and give it away, we will see what results it produces.
If things don`t change fast enough, then we have to make another 100 copies.
And fixing our money system is only part of the problem. We have to think about the quality of jobs we create. And we have to cure the problem of zombie consciousness.
Obviously, adult education is the biggest need of the country. It has been for every century and will continue to be.
We have to create new structures of higher quality education. We can use more free lance educators in our society.
The book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill brought this country out of the Great Depression in the 1920s. We now have a much greater abundance of good literature. How can we encourage the masses of our people to read good literature that will solve their problems instead of reading garbage?
We even have movies and TV shows that can solve our problems, but not enough people see them.
How can we more effectively distribute information that actually works?
The answer to this question is community meetings.
We have to resurrect the Great American tradition of Town Meetings. We have to have a forum for our intelligent, informed people to educate us all.
The Town Meeting is a real flesh and blood experience of humanity and can be a resource for human divine genius to express itself.
Without this kind of meaningful human contact and expression, we become machines. We have become the robots of the bankers` money machine instead of the Source of money.
We have become unconscious zombies.
The authors of this articles decided to be anonymous, so you can own it, make copies of it and give it to your local newspapers, send it to Obama and your local state and national representatives.
We gave the Federal Government the right to print the money for its budget in the constitution. Taxes are unnecessary.
George Washington printed all the money for his budget. This didn’t work because the only people who got the money were the people who did business with the government. The rest of the people rebelled. So the budget and everyone became equally poor. If George had distributed a small amount of money to every citizen, money would have worked fine.
George Washington and Congress didn’t figure out that all citizens – consumers – need a monthly supply of money in order to make money work in an intelligent and orderly way. Most people still haven`t figured it out. And the bankers now own most of the media and textbook publishers so they can keep people ignorant.
In spite of this, Abraham Lincoln printed money.
And in the 20th century both, Eisenhower and J.F. Kennedy printed billions of National Notes to finance government expenses. If you would like to know why Kennedy was assassinated, read Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins.
As long as we, the people, remain ignorant, our Congress People will remain ignorant.
We, the people, have the right and responsibility to print money and distribute money to ourselves in a rational way. Printing money is an awesome power and we are so ignorant, we are afraid of this power. We are afraid of making a mistake. But think about it. We couldn`t do it worse than the bankers are doing it. Their system is a total failure.
We don`t have to destroy the bankers` Federal Reserve Notes system, the stock market, the credit cards, the personal checks or other money systems in order to create our own money system. New money systems can exist with the old ones and compete with them until we find what works best.
But obviously, printing money and giving every citizen a monthly supply is the magic bullet that will restart our economy. The solution is now in your hands. Each community has to exercise financial freedom and responsibility. We have to learn how to create and manage a rational money system through experience. This is a bottleneck in our economic evolution.
What will you do with it???
Jesus said,”The sons of a nation do not have to pay taxes”. We have the right and duty to print money for our government`s expenses and give ourselves a regular supply of money so that money can work in a rational way. This is our responsibility. Maybe financial abundance is not as bad as scarcity.
And while we are actualizing this, we can practice the basic law of prosperity that still works, even in our scarcity based bankers` money system.
Our rewards in life, tangible and intangible, are directly related to the quality and quantity of service which we give to other people.
We can sell this information and make business out of educating people about money and about the cures for zombie consciousness.
Before money was invented, the king had to tax the farmers to feed his army, build roads, etc. After money was invented, the king could print money and pay the farmer for food, as well as pay his soldiers, workers, etc.
Taxes were not necessary since money was invented and we were just too ignorant to realize this.
Since Kennedy`s assassination, no U.S. President has been willing to take on the bankers. Obviously, no president can win this game without extensive grass root support.
The future of our country and the prosperity of its people, including your own, is in your hands.
We can`t have government of the people, by the people and for the people without the people.
Money is just a convenient invention for exchanging energy and work. It is time for people to learn how to be responsible for money.
It is also time for us to learn how to be more responsible for the quality of our energy and work.

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Relaxation is the ultimate path to salvation.

In fact, relaxation is salvation.

Most peoples picture of heaven is lying on a cloud, floating though space.

Relaxation is heaven.  Relaxation is heaven on earth.  Relaxation is the ultimate healer.  It heals all disease.

We can relax into stress.  We can relax out of stress. Stress is good for us.

Stress is good for the body. Stress is good for the mind. We exercise to get stress. The right amount of stress induces relaxation and health. The right amount of stress strengthens the mind and body.

Playing basketball is stress, playing tennis is good for us. Walking is a good form of stress.

When we can relax and breath during stressful activities we are experiencing heaven of earth. And it feels so good to relax in a warm bath and do connected breathing when we get enough exercise. Connected breathing also improves the benefit of exercise.

The idea of relaxing into stress and relaxing out of stress is a good idea.

Relaxation makes mastery and enlightenment easy. Relaxing into the Oneness.

Relaxing into the Oneness, realizing energy, thought, and form, doing spiritual practices with earth, air, water, and fire, and having loving relationships is all their is to being as immortal master.

Immortal yogis don´t give lectures because what they have to say is too simple, they just live the message.

And Shiva Yogi the Eternal Youth, said it all in the Shiva Samhita which is only 36 pages millions of years ago. We can meditate on this until we master it. This is the essence of all the Scriptures. Shiva Yogi is Babaji, The Ruling Father, The Creator of the Universe in human form, also called the Angel of the Lord in the Bible.

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Two Powerful Words

A mind expanded by a new idea can never return to its former size. Two common words in everyone’s vocabulary when combined into one idea become one of the most powerful ideas in the universe. Physical is a very common word. Immortality is also a common word. When you combine them, you get the idea of physical immortality. I’ve been exposing people to the idea of physical immortality for over 30 years.

Physical immortality means victory over physical death. It means body and mind mastery. Our Spirit is already an immortal master. This simple thought of physical immortality makes us realize that although death may be popular, it is not inevitable. Physical death is optional. The whole purpose of Jesus Christ was to teach us this. But Jesus was not the first nor the last human to conquer death. The Hebrew Bible is about five main immortal humans: Elijah, Moses, Melchizadek, and Enoch. In the beginning of Bible history, everyone lived 500 to 1000 years. India has its immortal yogis. Every continent has its favorite immortals, including native Americans. I’ve made this one of my favorite research projects for 37 years. Why do Christians die? Why? If Jesus died to save us from sin and death?

The founders and heroes and heroines of most religions who conquered death do not have a local address on planet Earth. When I learned about the immortal yogis who do, I was so excited I couldn’t wait to meet them. Since my first trip to India in 1977, I have met over 8 immortals who each have maintained their body for at least 300 years. People have to be at least 300 to qualify for my research. I know of many more that I haven’t had a chance to meet yet.

I’ve met several who are over 2000. These are yogis who have maintained a local address on planet Earth for over 2000 years. I’ve written books about two of them: Babaji and Bhartriji. People often tell me that after my lecture or book in which the idea of physical immortality got their attention, they couldn’t stop thinking about it for several years. It makes so much sense. How could people be blinded by the death is inevitable belief system for so long?

After teaching the truth about physical immortality for over 30 years, I’ve concluded that the reason people don’t like to know about it is because it I involves a little spiritual work and personal changes. Physical immortality is the natural result of a mind filled with wisdom and aliveness.

The three basic causes of death are:

  1. ignorance
  2. emotional energy pollution
  3. poor diet.

Therefore, to master death you have to do three things:

  1. Master the idea of physical immortality, which involves living from Spirit, our natural divinity.
  2. Unravel our own death urge, which we received from our parents and encourage all the people in our environment to do the same. Learn how to keep our energy body & emotional mind clean and balanced through spiritual purification practices.
  3. Learn the power of nutrition and fasting and the other simple and pleasurable habits that give us body mastery. Becoming a vegetarian is basic!

Mastering spiritual practices is less difficult than living a miserable life that leads to the grave. In fact, true spiritual practices are the ultimate pleasures and enrich all the pleasures of living. As I studied the lives of my immortal yogi friends, I began to realize that becoming an immortal yogi is not difficult; it just takes a different focus. People die because they kill themselves.

The greatest enemy of mankind has been and always will be ignorance. And the most evil form of ignorance is self-righteousness – thinking we know enough. Self-righteous people are murdering their own natural divinity and are guilty of murdering the natural divinity of everyone around them. It is the sin of eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge and naturally yields the personal doom of death. The Bible says, “God is not willing for any to perish, but that all should come to a knowledge of repentance.” Repentance means to change our mind. Repentance is neither difficult nor unpleasurable. In fact, it is exciting, inspiring, and produces pleasure, bliss, and ecstasy. If God made the path to eternal life difficult, He/She would be a sadist Who has doomed us to eternal misery. The only thing difficult about it is giving up your addiction to misery. Changing gives us the immense satisfaction of accomplishment.

Simple spiritual purification practices like bathing twice per day, conscious energy breathing, fire purification, an exercise system, a conscious diet, loving relationships, and mastering a mantra are the basic common denominators of the lifestyle of all the immortal masters I have met. These spiritual practices with earth, air, water, and fire can clean the mind faster than the mind can clean the mind. They are healing magic. In the process of mastering these, we must develop a balance between solitude and service.

I’ve written many books about physical immortality and the practical principles of conquering death and I recommend that you read them all and use my tapes repetitively if you are interested in personal mastery. But every year I try to put this simple truth into one page, in a clearer and easier way for people to understand.

Anyone can read or have read to them one page and have their mind expanded to receive the joy that this great idea brings. It unshackles your creativity and releases enormous reserves of energy and intelligence.

Is physical immortality realistic? Yes, if we honor the following. The three basic secrets to physical immortality are:

  1. to stay tuned into God – Infinite Energy, our Source – all the time. Have pure thoughts and Life.
  2. to heal the death urge. Healing the death urge can take us through the most ugly emotions of suicidal and homicidal thoughts – we have to survive the illusions in our own mind and go for wisdom and bliss.
  3. to keep our energy body clean and balanced with the simple and pleasurable spiritual purification practices with mind, earth, air, water, fire, and love.
  4. When we eat food we have to clean the dishes, etc. When our home gets dirty, we have to clean it. We also have to wash our clothes. When our energy body (also called emotional body) gets dirty through absorbing emotional energy pollution as we participate with people or in our self-healing process, we have to clean ourselves emotionally and spiritually. It is a daily process. Spiritual cleanliness is Energy and Peace.

    If we stay ahead of the pollution – cleansing process, we become more alive every day. If we lose the spiritual purification game, we become more dead every day. Victory or victim?

    One of the indicators is the guru belly phenomena. The solar plexus chakra is the social chakra and emotional energy pollution can be collected physically in the form of fat around the navel – it is sometimes called psychic fat.

    Another indicator is stiffness. An over loaded body gets stiffer and stiffer every day and every year until we become a stiff – and are buried. When we absorb other people’s death urge, we can get depressed, feel suicidal, become prone to anger, be grouchy, or have violent dreams. Victim consciousness in all its forms is a sign of death urge.

    I’ll finish this page with an idea which is a million times greater than physical immortality, and is the source of personal mastery or misery and death. It is this: ‘Energy becomes what it thinks about’. Your personal energy is the Eternal Spirit – God Within – your natural divinity.

    This Infinite Eternal Energy is helpless and powerless without thought and yet it is the power of thought. Your unlimited potential is only potential until it has been activated and directed by your thoughts. Energy is directed by thought.

    Infinite Power directed by thoughts of weakness can produce infinite weakness. Infinite power directed by wholesome and healthy thoughts produce infinite wholesomeness, health, and safety – beyond safety – peace and pleasure. Thoughts of death produce death. Thoughts of Eternal Life produce physical immortality and body mastery. The body is Energy materialized by thought; not passive thinking, but active thinking; thought in motion. Your physical body and emotional body have been built up by millions of thoughts in action. To be a master, you now have to catch the thoughts and change them with the kind of actions that produce the results you like. We are all scientists and our body is the laboratory. Various nutrients have been created by thinking beings to produce certain effects in the body. Some of these cause and effect relationships are simple and some are quite complex. And simple fasting is the direct route to the purity of Infinite Energy. However, it is also possible to starve to death for spiritual purposes. We have to learn balance and common sense. More people die from overeating today than from starvation.

    Repentance is fun! Changing our minds is the great, eternal adventure of all intelligent divine beings.

    Playing in your Spirit Energy, your Divine Mind, and your Infinitely Beautiful Body is what Eternal Life is all about.

    Have fun!

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The Unconscious Death Urge

The death urge is a psychic entity that usually overcomes the rational mind and splits the body off from the Eternal spirit and destroys it. The physical body without the eternal aliveness of Life Itself becomes stiffer – more solid – until the Spirit drops it to become dust. The Bible calls the rational mind the great adulterer which seduces us away from the Spirit which is ultimate reality beyond the mind and the Source of the mind. The mind can go 100 miles per hour, but the body can not until it becomes a light body. The subtle currents of physical death urge elude the mind in its pursuit of worldly success or divine service (which is just another form of worldly success) until it is too late to change the habits we are in bondage to. The basic habits that kill most people are too obvious to mention: food, money, sleep, family, home, business, car, etc. Most people, of course, choose physical death as a result of popular religious conditioning. Popular, orthodox religion is the institutionalized adulterer. By definition, organized religion can never embody the Eternal Life of the Eternal Spirit, even though it outlives the individual. To make religion orthodox is to kill it. People who trust organization more than their own Eternal Spirit are doomed to be on the birth-death cycle until they learn to live in the reality above the mind. The unconscious death urge is caused by two basic sources. One is the belief system that death is inevitable and beyond our control. This belief is taught by parents to children generation after generation along with numerous corollaries of self sabotaging thoughts that sabotage our natural divinity. The other is what I call emotional energy pollution. Excess mind energy is always spinning in our aura and the auras of every other person. When we are in the presence of another person we collect some of this mind stuff like psychic dirt. If we don’t get rid of it by bathing twice per day and other spiritual purification practices, we become miserable and feel like dying after a while. We collect emotional energy in our guts – the solar plexus first which is the social chakra, then it spreads throughout our whole energy body and makes us feel heavy. It produces the guru belly phenomena and other physical problems. Immersing our solar plexus in water – soaking in the bath or even showers – and sitting with an open fire cleans our aura. Fire literally burns away the death urge we collect from other people. Emotional energy contains information that can give us diseases and make us feel like dying. The pure presence of one person can also heal another. The only way you can conquer the death urge is to outlive it. We can only outlive it by developing the habits of aliveness: mantra yoga, earth, air, water, fire purification and spiritual community. Earth is fasting and exercise; air is breathing energy as well as air; water is bathing; fire is learning to live with an open flame; and spiritual community means to have a guru – spiritual teacher – or at least a friend on the path to enlightenment. A body in motion tends to stay in motion until acted upon by an outside force. We are the victims of our habits. Other people are the outside force. We can look for the guru in every other person and thing, but there is no substitute for an enlightened friend who can accelerate our transformation from mortal to immortal consciousness that includes our physical body. Babaji – the Eternal Father in human form, the Angel of the Lord in the Bible, or Shiva Yogi – the Eternal Youth, perfected my knowledge of eternal life in 1980 when he finished editing my Physical Immortality book. Since then, He has expanded my understanding and mastery of the principles on a daily basis, which I am glad to share with people who are interested. Obviously, suicide and homicide is another manifestation of the death urge. Auto accidents are a disguised form of suicide and homicide. Physical immortality philosophy provides a context and support to unravel the death urge. The death urge contains the ugliest of human emotions. It is a psychic entity we are better off without. As long as we are mind and the Eternal Spirit, we will always have the power to leave or to destroy the body, or to transfigure and ascend with our physical body. Who needs an unconscious death urge anyway? Spiritual purification exercises are the fast and easy way to total victory. Babaji says, “The wise do spiritual practices.”

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Terrorism – The Cure

The ultimate cure for terrorism may not be to kill the terrorists, but to heal the root causes of it and to work consciously to prevent terrorism. The cure is both an inside and an outside job. The cure begins with healing our own personal death urge, by healing the root causes of rage and anger within ourselves, by intelligently building and strengthening the Life energy in our body and mind, and by learning to express our feelings and share our enlightenment with our friends and neighbors. The most effective outside cure is neighborhood representation and the resurrection of the basic ideals and structures of democracy like the town meeting. On the other hand, to kill all the terrorists with military action could produce cycles of military violence that could produce nuclear war that would immerse the entire world in the worst terror of the Armageddon prophecies of World War III. The outside job does not ignore the value of the military approach. But the total destruction of the New York City World Trade Center building illustrates the impotence of the military approach. The greatest military power in the world is impotent against a few creative individuals. The destruction of the Pentagon building symbolized this. New York City is not only a financial center, a center of materialism, but it is perhaps the death urge capital of the United States. The unconscious death urge idea was perhaps most clearly presented by Sigmund Freud. Then it submerged back into unconsciousness until my own writings and books. I wrote the only book in the world specifically on healing the death urge. I also have written many correlative books (-see list at end). Every country in the world has an abundant supply of totally vulnerable targets for terrorists. What I am suggesting here is that we not react with blind rage and endanger the whole world with revenge cycles until we create nuclear war and devastation. What I suggest is that we open our eyes and minds to a more expanded, enlightened view. Let’s try to see the Trade towers event from God’s perspective. For example, think about this: Ordinary death urge kills over 99.9% of the world’s population every 50 years. This is 2% of the Earth’s people every year that are killed by ordinary deathist mentality. Did you know that when the first man walked on the Moon, crime nearly stopped completely for 24 hours? Evidently, all of the criminals were watching television. Statistics are not yet in, but suppose that the destruction of the NY World Trade Center towers released and healed so much death urge around the world that ten times as many people were saved from ordinary deaths than the number of people who died in the plane and buildings’ explosions. Maybe the NYC towers’ destruction drama on television processed so much death urge on the planet that ordinary death took a vacation for the rest of the week. The people who died might have been a temporary sacrifice for the people that were so interested in TV that they forgot to die when they were schedule. Yesterday, Thursday, September 13, 2001, was a day of mourning for those who died in the terrorist acts of September 11, 2001. But who mourns ever y day for the people who die every day as a result of ordinary death urge? Who even cares enough to think about daily ordinary death? How do we prevent this tragedy? Is the solution the same for preventing terrorism? Is our own mind the most dangerous place in the universe? Do we all create our own death? Is our own mind the source of terrorism? Why did most of the people in the World Trade Center get out alive? Did it have anything to do with their Life urge? Is working in a multistoried office building good for the mental, physical and spiritual health of people? Did the 6000 people who died in the September 11th tragedy die for us? Did the tragedy of that Tuesday save more people from death than it killed? Did this tragedy release millions of tons of victim-consciousness and rage from the planet? Rage and victim-consciousness are two sides of the same coin. No one who has that image of those beautiful towers – a symbol of financial power – collapse into dust will ever forget it! That image will probably be one of the most enduring images of this century. To think these thoughts does not justify nor approve of terrorism in any way. Just the opposite. The violence and death of that Tuesday was a total waste. It probably won’t permanently change anyone, even though everyone on Earth is temporarily affected by the event, NYC may still be the death urge capital of the United States. The “Big Apple”, as it is called, is symbolic of eating of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil that produces death as spoken of in the book of Genesis. The U.S. President called it an attack upon freedom and democracy, but will the military solution proposed by him do more damage to freedom and democracy than the terrorist act itself? Indeed, will the military solution and revenge proposed by the president and backed by 90% of the American people kill more people than the terrorist act of September 11th? Will our war against terrorism cause more injustice, intolerance, terror and fear than the terrorists themselves have the power to produce? Jesus said that the religious leaders, who later murdered him, were the children of the devil who invented death. Jesus called these religious leaders, who taught the inevitability of death rather than victory over death, “white washed graves with minds full of dead people’s bones”. Is this still true of the political and orthodox religious leaders of today – 2000 years later? In Luke 13:4,5, Jesus said, “A tower in Jerusalem fell on a group of people and killed them. Do you think they were worse offenders than all the other people living in Jerusalem? No, I tell you, that unless you change your attitude and beliefs about life and death, you will die as they did!” People who believe that death is inevitable and beyond their control, all die. People who believe that death is optional and self-created at lease give themselves a chance. But changing our beliefs may not be enough. Repentance involves a change in Lifestyle. It involves learning and implementing enough spiritual and physical purification practices to keep us Living in the Presence of God. These practices keep us Living a Life of Grace and Love and righteousness – a Life of kindness and ethical behavior. Is this enough to enable us to conquer death, disease and unhappiness? According to Jesus, it is. If the Christianity as taught in your church doesn’t work for you, keep looking for the answers until you feel satisfied. Jesus taught and demonstrated abundant Eternal Life in a way that included his human mind and body. He condemned the religious and political leaders who taught and demonstrated deathist mentality. Victims of the death urge create continual misery and destruction of all kinds. There is no freedom from misery, failure, war and death without spiritual enlightenment, spiritual and physical purification and spiritual community. Are the churches’ leaders and its members of today any different than the death-oriented people 2000 years ago? If not, is there any reason we should expect a different outcome for our civilization? If the terrorist acts of September 11th got your attention and started you thinking, keep thinking until you become enlightened about Life and death – about your responsibility to your community and world politics. Is it your apathy and lack of conscious citizenship that breeds terrorists? Spiritual purification practices are the inside job that can save us from terrorists and prevent terrorism, but there is an outside job that is just as simple. Republican democracy is dependent upon the ratio of representation. We must have an elected neighborhood representative for at least every 1000 people. Until we have elected neighborhood representatives, we have no way of protecting ourselves from the injustices, terrorism and abuse exercised upon us daily from our own government. We are so addicted to being abused by our tax system – being slaves in our money system and the numberless ways our bureaucracies are stealing our freedoms- that we have forgotten what happiness and freedom really are! Intelligent citizenship is a lost and forgotten art! Voting has become such a meaningless act in the United States that most people have such deep feelings of hopelessness and apathy and have given up and resigned from citizenship responsibility. Democracy without the People is not democracy! A permanent year-round structure of grass roots elected representatives is the only answer. And it is very inexpensive and realistic. If we elect a leader for every 1000 citizens it only costs $10 per month from each of us to create a $10,000 budget to support our elected leader to be our full-time professional political representative. This person can function as a friend, a well-trained counselor – trained by us, a lobbyist for us – the voters, a spiritual leader and role model, a social-worker, an employment-counselor, a trainer in entrepreneurism, an educator, etc. Adult education may be the biggest need of this century. This elected leader can be a judge and protector as is described in Exodus 18 in the Bible. Through this elected representative, we can support the best ideas in the world and implement them. When this idea becomes universal, terrorism will naturally disappear. Peace and worldwide enlightenment will reign. Whenever this kind of elected neighborhood representation gets implemented, violence and crime disappears from the community. Understanding, cooperation and communication replace crime and violence. Neighborhood organizations enable us to support and educate the poor, the sick, the weak and the ignorant. They enable us to tap the power of the strong, intelligent, rich and successful people in our neighborhood for the good of all. Elected neighborhood representatives can meet monthly in a council for all the grass roots leaders for each congressional district. These representatives enlighten each congressperson or national elected leader. The National Congress of elected national representatives becomes governed by the best ideas of the people. Government then, at all levels, becomes the servant of the people as was envisioned by our Founding Fathers. Apathy gives way to participatory democracy. Humanity becomes governed by enlightened knowledge instead of ignorance, apathy, hate and violence. The cure for terrorism is both an inside and an outside job. We have to liberate ourselves from the terror in our own mind – from our negative thoughts and feelings about our own Life. And we have to implement this idea of electing a grass roots representative in our own neighborhood that is organically connected to the elected neighborhood representatives in every local community in the world through a system of district councils of elected neighborhood representatives. Until the United Nations has a House of Representatives consisting of an elected representative for every one million people on the planet, we will not have worldwide democracy or a very realistic prospect of world peace. A world without fear, without terrorism, even without poverty nor unconscious death is within our reach. We must think globally and act locally!

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